The Trust is founded by Mr. A. Ramesh Kumar & Mrs. Usha Ramesh Kumar to address the acute gap in access to finance for Education and Vocational Training of children of Rural families, for protection of Rural Livelihoods through Micro-enterprise and household infrastructure oriented solutions, for providing access to clean water through financing rural Water Purification and Dispensing Plants and improving Habitat through financial access to dedicated Roofing solutions


There is a surge of aspiration in rural families to educate their children in Private schools which are perceived to be superior to Govt. schools. However, the schools expect the Annual fees to be paid upfront, which is beyond the capacity of most rural parents. This either denies their children quality education in Private schools or the parents get into the trap of money lenders or undergo great stress in seeking extended time for fee payment.

Similarly, Rural Micro enterprises are generally starved of funding and have to depend on relatives and Money Lenders for their funds, thus creating financial and mental stress as well as impairing earnings and Livelihoods. Similarly, when Self-employed persons have shortage of funds for their basic infrastructural needs, it creates hurdles in enhancing their livelihood incomes.

Availability of access to clean drinking water in rural areas is a challenge and stand-alone water purification cum dispensing units providing clean water at affordable costs is a crying need.

While large number of rural families are in need of upgradation of Shelter from Kutcha and semi-permanent to permanent, for protection from the onslaught of nature, it is not always affordable. Hence an affordable medium term solution for upgrading the Roof, which is the most vulnerable and critical part of the house is necessary and a dedicated Loan Product for this is needed.


LaRaksha Trust is working to design and deliver Innovative Financial Solutions to address the above unmet needs, particularly for weaker sections of the society in rural areas.

Our Credo: To create new access to Quality Education and enhanced livelihoods AND QUALITY OF LIFE in rural India through innovative Financing Solutions